Minimise the risk of underwater collisions & grounding with Vigilant

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Vigilant

One modern sea-faring focus is health and safety. Anyone out on the open seas should be looking to keep their vessel, passengers and crew safe, doing all they can to avoid unnecessary accidents.

This year, there have been several incidents where luxury yachts have had accidents involving the grounding of their vessels. Thankfully there were no injuries or fatalities, but the damage caused will be very costly for the vessels involved. On reflection, as part of the maritime community, we must ask ourselves how these incidents can be avoided in the future. Being aware of our underwater environment should be at the forefront of our minds.

One of our world-leading sonar products offers a solution that will undoubtedly help crews avoid accidents where lack of underwater visibility is the cause. This product is the Vigilant family of sonars.

Vigilant is our forward-looking sonar system. It allows a crew to see exactly what they are sailing into with real-time, 3D terrain mapping of the seabed and water column. Vigilant gives unrivalled resolution and detail, up to 1500m ahead and down to 100m in depth.

Vigilant is a sonar product that helps to minimise the risk of underwater collision or grounding. Fitting Vigilant on vessels, from super yachts to container ships, will help crews navigate even the trickiest of locations without collision and grounding issues. Should a vessel sail through unchartered waters, Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar allows the crew unrivalled capability to visualise up to 1.5km.

The real-time, easy to interpret 3D terrain maps make Vigilant invaluable when travelling in busy coastal waters, where most incidents occur. By setting up user-defined automated alarms, alerts give the crew the extra time they need to react to upcoming hazards.

So, while our modern day health and safety standards are above what they used to be, there is always room for improvement. To minimise risk and keep crews, passengers and vessels safe from collision and grounding, installing one of Vigilant’s family of forward looking sonar is the way forward.

To learn more about our sonar products and how Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar can help you with safe navigation, get in touch with our team.

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