Commercial Marine

Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance for the Commercial Maritime sector


Guiding your vessel safely through the marine environment with Vigilant Forward looking Sonar

Our Vigilant sonar family provides unrivalled obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities for all types of vessels, including tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, support and general cargo ships. With up to 1500m of forward looking ability, your vessel can confidently travel in unchartered, poorly charted or dynamic marine environments.

Navigate with confidence using Vigilant Forward looking Sonar

You need assurance that you can safely and confidently navigate challenging waters and dynamic marine environments. Bypass icebergs in polar regions. Navigate through rocks, reefs and sandbars. Keep your vessel and crew safe from collision or grounding.

The Vigilant family delivers the best forward looking sonar (FLS) capability on the market with a range of up to 1500m and depth of up to 100m. Give your crew time to react with the highest resolution 3D imagery available and unrivalled mapping of the water column and sea bed. Use automated alerts to highlight hidden threats. Vigilant is a proven, world-leading sonar system that is reliable and easy to use with an operational speed of up to 25 knots. You’ll have the confidence to navigate safely, wherever your chosen passage takes you.

Safe navigation when working outside UKC boundaries

During your passage, there will be times when operational activities require a necessary deviation from your company’s under keel clearance (UKC) regulations and safety contour. This puts your vessel at an increased risk of grounding or contact with submerged objects.

Vigilant provides the clarity you need to navigate safely, giving you a clear view of the actual subsea surface and the true depth of water. It delivers a range of up to 1500m ahead of your vessel and 3D dynamic imagery, up to 600m. This allows enough time to avoid collisions or grounding issues and brings navigational confidence to your bridge team.


No need for extra display screens in overcrowded bridge spaces

Bridge space is always limited, and yet another display screen can create difficulties for both crews and vessel fitting and building teams.

Vigilant is easily integrated into existing displays through our multi-output formats and proven ECDIS integration. The user interface is designed to fit your navigational needs whether you require pure sonar, 2D or 3D depth views. The integrated Bathymetry data and georeferencing of the individual returns allow UKC warnings and alerts to be coordinated with passage plans, ensuring full transparency and compliance.

Why Should You Choose Our Sonar Solutions?

Vigilant Forward looking Sonar

  • Vigilant transforms your underwater situational awareness with its unique range of up to 1500m capability.
  • Highly detailed 3D Sonar images allow for safe navigation of the seabed and collision avoidance.
  • Long-range hazard detection using Vigilant’s smart software clearly indicates potential problems. By overlaying onto your charts, your crew have the best information at their fingertips.
  • The compact design fits easily within the vessel with multiple mounting options tailored to your individual craft.
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Vigilant FLS is a Forward Looking Sonar with unique patented technology capable of depth finding at ranges ahead of your vessel in excess of 20 times the prevailing water depth.

Vigilant is a proven, world-leading sonar system that is reliable and easy to use with an operational speed of up to 25 knots. It minimises any risk of collision with submerged obstacles and dangers when you move inside company safety contours and standard operating procedures. Vigilant gives you and your crew the confidence to navigate safely, wherever your passage takes you.

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