Cruise & Luxury Maritime

Navigation and Intruder Detection for Cruise and Luxury maritime


Protect your cruise ship and luxury vessel from hidden underwater threats and unwanted attention with Vigilant and Sentinel, our world-leading sonar systems.

Our Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar family provides unrivalled obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities for cruise and luxury maritime vessels. With up to 1500m of forward looking ability, vessels can confidently travel in unchartered or dynamic marine environments. Our Sentinel system can be deployed on your ship to ensure that unseen underwater threats are detected early.

Vigilant FLS is ideal for luxury yacht protection; view our listings on Superyacht News and xullux Yacht Connections.


Navigate with confidence

Vigilant Forward looking Sonar

You need assurance you can safely and confidently navigate your cruise ship, luxury yacht or expedition cruise vessel through challenging waters and dynamic marine environments. Bypass icebergs in polar regions. Navigate through rocks, reefs and sandbars to explore those exclusive coves and inlets while keeping your customers and crew safe from collision or grounding. Protect our precious marine mammals by clearly identifying them.

The Vigilant family delivers the best Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) capability on the market with a range of up to 1500m and depth of up to 100m. Give your crew time to react with the highest resolution 3D imagery available, giving unrivalled mapping of the water column and sea bed. Use automated alerts to highlight hidden threats. Vigilant is a proven, world-leading sonar system that is reliable and easy to use. With an operational speed of up to 25kt, you’ll have the confidence to navigate safely, wherever your customers choose to take their adventures.

Safe and secure

Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar

Protecting your passengers, crew and vessel from unwanted attention and hidden underwater threats is a priority. You’ll need to identify an uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) or an unidentified diver approaching your vessel’s position in plenty of time, giving your crew time to react.

Sentinel delivers unrivalled tracking and identification capability, between 900m and 1200m range. It gives your crew early warning and time to make a decision on vessel security, with rapid deployment through the hull or over the side. Choose a solution to integrate with your current onboard system, along with standalone display capability. It provides clear naval security information for all levels of sonar operators, from novice to expert. With Wavefront Systems, our smart software ensures a low false alarm rate.


Why Should You Choose Our Sonar Solutions?

Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar

  • Sentinel provides an integrated solution to detect, track and classify divers and UUVs
  • The system delivers clear naval security information for all levels of sonar operators, from novice to expert. It has a proven track record as the best intruder detection sonar in multiple demos and comparison trials
  • With rapid deployment capability, Sentinel gives an instant and autonomous underwater security shield
  • Security personnel can use the standalone system or integrate it with your C2 (command and control) system
  • The expeditionary variant’s small topside footprint allows for use on smaller craft or as temporary shore protection
  • Wavefront System’s smart software is designed to ensure a low false alarm rate

Vigilant Forward looking Sonar

  • Vigilant transforms your underwater situational awareness with its unique range of up to 1500m capability
  • Highly detailed 3D Sonar images allow for safe navigation of the seabed and collision avoidance
  • Long-range hazard detection using Vigilant’s smart software clearly indicates potential problems. By overlaying onto your charts, your crew have the best information at their fingertips
  • The compact design fits easily within the vessel with multiple mounting options tailored to your individual craft

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