Marine Defence Sonar Solutions

Wavefront develop, design, manufacture and install real-world sonar solutions for our global customers, including the defence industry. Our mission is to solve underwater detection, navigation and security problems.

We work closely with Forcys, who deliver our world-leading sonar solutions to our defence clients. Learn more about Forcys


Our three Operationally-proven sonar solutions used by the defence market are:


Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar

Closing the gap in your situational awareness is the World’s most widely deployed underwater intruder detection sonar, Sentinel. Helping you safeguard your vessels, oil platforms, waterside facilities and national infrastructure.


Solstice Multi-Aperture Side-Scan Sonar

Capturing every feature and detail in ultra-high resolution. The Solstice family of multi-aperture side-scan sonars significantly increases your underwater vehicle’s operational envelope by providing wide swath coverage at high resolution. All while consuming very low power.


Vigilant Forward looking Sonar

Engineered for naval manned/unmanned surface or manned/unmanned underwater vessels, venturing into unchartered waters. Vigilant is a family of forward looking sonars which transform your vessel’s underwater situational awareness, alerting you to hidden threats.

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