Maritime Security​

Underwater detection for CNI, ports, harbours, offshore platforms and vessels


The World’s most widely deployed Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS).

Defend critical national infrastructure, commercial ports and harbours, waterside facilities, offshore platforms and vessels with Sentinel. It has a proven track record when it comes to protection from underwater threats. Sentinel operates as a standalone or networked sonar within a command and control system, providing complete above and below the waterline critical asset protection.
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Protecting your underwater assets

Any waterside facility is potentially at risk of sabotage or attack from divers, swimmer delivery vehicles and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). Each threat must be accurately detected, classified and tracked, allowing the customer to intercept and neutralise.

Sentinel utilises an automatic algorithm to detect and track all potential targets within the sonar range. Users will be alerted to any threat to the facility or asset through Sentinel’s UI, allowing decisions of countermeasures to be assessed and actioned. In ideal conditions, Sentinel’s range of capability is up to 900m for diver detection and 1200m for mini-sub threats. For more extensive perimeter protection, multiple sonars can be installed, providing a complete sonar security barrier.

Delivering permanent or temporary asset protection

Suit the security demands of each project

Global security threats are constantly changing. There is a need to protect permanent sites and facilities as well as temporary waterside areas, such as high-profile sporting events and VIP or dignitary visiting areas.

Sentinel’s architecture is configured to suit the security demands of each project. With fast-deployment expeditionary architecture, Sentinel can be supplied for permanent, long-term deployment or for short-term use. In addition, we offer rental options for customers looking to protect assets on a one-off basis.

Protect assets
Sentinel sonar system

Designed to suit your individual security needs

Each installation is different, even for returning clients. Sentinel works as a modular sonar system to allow it to be adapted to your security requirements. From a single sonar to a multi-sonar, Sentinel is installed to suit your asset perimeter.

Deployment options vary. It works on seabed column mounts for permanent coastal installations, rail and trollies for harbour walls and tripod stands for expeditionary vessels. It can be used as a deployment machine, over the side, through-tube or through the hull of vessels. Whether you have an existing security system or require a standalone solution, Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar will meet your requirements.

We offer a site survey service to ensure the product scope will conform to your asset security team requirements and local environmental conditions.

Why should you choose Sentinel?

  • Sentinel provides an integrated solution to detect, track and classify divers and UUVs
  • The system delivers clear naval security information for all levels of sonar operators, from novice to expert. It has a proven track record as the best intruder detection sonar in multiple demos and comparison trials
  • With rapid deployment capability, Sentinel gives an instant and autonomous underwater security shield
  • Security personnel can use the standalone system or integrate it with your C2 (command and control) system
  • The expeditionary variant’s small topside footprint allows for use on smaller craft or as temporary shore, port or harbour protection
  • Sentinel is unique in employing simultaneous active and passive sonar processing to detect and classify targets
  • Wavefront System’s smart software is designed to ensure a low false alarm rate

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