Sonar Products

Sonar systems for underwater detection, imaging & navigation


Sentinel IDS

The world’s most deployed Intruder Detection Sonar

Close the gap in your situational awareness by specifying the world’s most widely deployed underwater intruder and diver detection sonar, Sentinel, to help safeguard your vessels, oil platforms, waterside facilities and national infrastructure.

Vigilant FLS

Explore with confidence

Is your cruise ship, research vessel, private yacht, survey vessel, naval vessel or uncrewed surface vessel venturing into unchartered waters? Vigilant is a family of forward looking sonars which transforms your vessel’s underwater situational awareness, alerting you to hidden threats.

Solstice MAS Overlay

Solstice MAS

Dependable high quality imagery

Capture every feature and every detail in ultra-high resolution. The Solstice family of multi-aperture side-scan sonars significantly increases the operational envelope of your underwater vehicle by providing wide swath coverage, at high resolution – all while consuming very low power.

Sentry IMS

Capable of monitoring over one billion cubic feet of seawater

Our Sentry integrity monitoring sonar system has been developed to automatically warn of integrity breaches around subsea oil and gas assets, CCS sites and offshore green hydrogen infrastructure. The system is capable of monitoring more than one billion cubic feet of seawater, with 360° of coverage from a single sonar sensor location.


Wavefront was founded in 2004 with a mission to apply engineering excellence to the problems of underwater detection, imaging and navigation. Wavefront works with its customers to make the underwater world visible – protecting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), preventing maritime collisions, monitoring the integrity of undersea assets and exploring our under-water world with stunning high-resolution imagery.

Wavefront is proud to have designed and developed some of the world’s most capable commercially available sonar systems:

  • Sentinel IDS is the world’s most deployed Intruder Detection Sonar capable of detecting, tracking and classifying underwater targets including new drone threats;
  • Vigilant FLS is a Forward Looking Sonar with unique patented technology capable of depth finding at ranges ahead of your vessel in excess of 20 times the prevailing water depth;
  • Solstice MAS is a unique Multi-Aperture Sonar designed to provide world-class imagery by blending the high performance of Synthetic Aperture Sonar with the reliability and robustness of conventional side-scan; and
  • Sentry IMS is a field-proven Integrity Monitoring Sonar designed for ocean depth deployments where it continuously monitors billions of cubic feet of seawater around critical seabed assets.

Wavefront’s industry-leading products are in use globally in civilian, public, defence, offshore and commercial markets.

Which Wavefront system can help you, today?