Wavefront debuts Sentinel 2 at NAVDEX 2023

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Sentinel

Wavefront debuts Sentinel 2 Intruder Detection Sonar


Making its Middle East debut on the Forcys stand (A-029) will be Wavefront’s Sentinel 2 Intruder Detection Sonar (IDS).

Sentinel automatically detects, tracks and classifies sub­sea threats such as divers, Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs) and Autonomous Under-water Vehicles (AUVs) which are approaching your protected area or asset. Sentinel uses a new patented Simultaneous In-band Active and Passive Sonar (SInAPS®) capability to dramatically enhance its detection and tracking capability, particularly against small under-water drones.

The need to close the gap in situational awareness in the underwater domain has led to Sentinel being the most widely deployed intruder detection sonar in the world with systems now protecting critical national infrastruc­ture, ports and harbours and military operations and ports.

Wavefront’s patented Simultaneous In-band Active and Passive Sonar (SInAPS®) mode combines detection of target reflections from the sonar’s acoustic transmissions while also using passive detection to track a target’s own (unintended) acoustic emissions. The combination of these two detection methods allows Sentinel IDS to mitigate the inherent difficulties of passive sonar in noisy, active environments like military ports, and active sonars challenges with low target strength drones or very slow-moving targets in highly cluttered seabed conditions. Over the past few years, the SInAPS® feature of Sentinel 2 has been rigorously tested and evaluated by both Wavefront Systems and early adopters of the system. The system has proven especially successful in continuing to passively track targets of interest which have intermittently evaded active tracking.

Visit Forcys at NAVDEX Stand A-029 to find out more.

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