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by | Dec 1, 2022 | Solstice

In 2021 we took a sideways step away from the Sonardyne to stay ahead of the competition and ensure we had the appropriate focus on our Wavefront products. By promoting Wavefront as an independent company, we have been able to take ownership of our current products and market them differently. It’s a good situation for Wavefront, Covelya and our client base.

However, we still work very closely with the other companies under the Covelya group umbrella, including our sister company Voyis. Today, we want to discuss how our technologies work together to bring you the most advanced and efficient seabed inspection and mapping capabilities.

Introducing Voyis

Voyis provide versatile optical solutions to expand underwater capability and enhance the understanding of remote, challenging environments. Their focus lies on the performance of their products, whilst they push technological boundaries intending to enable every subsea vehicle to visualise the depths, just as we see the surface.

Let’s look at how our technologies can work together for efficient seabed inspection and mapping.

Voyis and Wavefront: Complementary Sensors for AUV Missions

As the quantity of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) on the market increases, so do their capabilities and generated data deliverables. A willingness to bring differing types of technology together elevates these capabilities even further.

Combining Wavefront’s Solstice and Voyis’ Recon enables AUVs to perform at a higher level than was ever expected. Operators can make informed decisions quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

If you are looking for complete surveying solutions, consider the combination of Solstice, our multi-aperture sonar, and Voyis’ Recon LS laser and camera module. By combining wide area mapping for general perspective with highly detailed 3D modeling and imaging for further identification or investigation, you gain a complete visual survey of the seabed and its surroundings.

A combined solution for environmental monitoring

Just to put into context how Solstice and Recon can work together, we’ll use the environmental monitoring of seagrass as an example.

Seagrass is a vital resource within our marine ecosystems. It provides both food and shelter to many underwater creatures. By monitoring the state of seagrass beds, we can understand the health of the ecosystem in that environment.

Using Wavefront’s Solstice, deployed from an AUV, the overall size of a seagrass bed can be monitored using sonar data with wide swath coverage (200m) in high-resolution (0.15-degree along track resolution). Solstice has the ability to combine side-scan imagery with bathymetric 3D data to deliver a detailed view of the bed and detect areas in need of further investigation.

For areas needing closer inspection, researchers can deploy the same AUV with the Voyis’ Recon LS payload to perform higher optical detailing of the marine habitat. This allows the team to determine exactly what is happening to promote or limit seagrass growth.

Using Voyis’ laser scanning technology, extremely high-detail 3D vegetation models can be created. The height of the seagrass can be accurately measured using millimetric resolution.

One of the benefits coming from deploying a combination of Solstice and Recon is that researchers will be able to analyse and monitor any changes in subsequent surveys with only a single vehicle deployed.

For our customers, this approach has been proven to minimise survey complexity, reduce the number of assets deployed for subsea surveys and enable accurate change detection with detailed georeferenced datasets.

This is one example of where Wavefront and Voyis products have complimented each other to deliver a single solution for our customer’s benefit. If you require a collaborative approach for your project, do not hesitate to contact us and speak to our sales team or contact Voyis here.

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