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Wavefront Systems

Wavefront was founded in 2004 with a mission to apply engineering excellence to the problems of underwater detection, imaging and navigation. Wavefront works with its customers to make the underwater world visible – protecting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), preventing maritime collisions, monitoring the integrity of undersea assets and exploring our under-water world with stunning high-resolution imagery.

Wavefront Team
Wavefront Sentinel IDS

Industry-leading Sonar Systems

Wavefront is proud to have designed and developed some of the world’s most capable commercially available sonar systems:

  • Sentinel IDS is the world’s most deployed Intruder Detection Sonar capable of detecting, tracking and classifying underwater targets including new drone threats;
  • Vigilant FLS is a Forward Looking Sonar with unique patented technology capable of depth finding at ranges ahead of your vessel in excess of 20 times the prevailing water depth;
  • Solstice MAS is a unique Multi-Aperture Sonar designed to provide world-class imagery by blending the high performance of Synthetic Aperture Sonar with the reliability and robustness of conventional side-scan; and
  • Sentry IMS is a field-proven Integrity Monitoring Sonar designed for ocean depth deployments where it continuously monitors billions of cubic feet of seawater around critical seabed assets.

Wavefront’s industry-leading products are in use globally in civilian, public, defence, offshore and commercial markets.

Our Team

Making the Underwater World Visible

Our dynamic engineering team has over 100 years combined experience at the leading edge of sonar design and competencies derived from many aligned and relevant engineering and maritime disciplines.

Dr. John Chapman
Director of Programmes

Dr. Rob Crook
Research Director

Paul Badger
Managing Director

Peter Tomlinson
Engineering Director

Phil Parish
Head of Operations

Our History

Wavefront Systems throughout the years

Wavefront was founded in 2004 with a mission to develop imaging sonar systems for maritime security, defence and civilian markets.

Our Story

Over the Years


Wavefront Systems founded

Launch of Sentinel IDS in conjunction with Sonardyne International Ltd
Wavefront acquired by Sonardyne Group Ltd
Release of Solstice Multi-Aperture Side-scan sonar under the Sonardyne brand

First trials of NOAS Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar on manned submersible

First deployment of Sentry-W Integrity Monitoring Sonar in Gulf of Mexico
First deployment of Sentry-B Integrity Monitoring sonar off Papua New Guinea

Trials of CO2 leak monitoring systems in the North Sea for CCS storage site integrity monitoring

First Ship Protection Sonar System (combined Sentinel and NOAS) fitted to first mega yacht
Redeveloped NOAS to improve form factor, range and cost to create Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar under Sonardyne brand

Wavefront relaunched as an independent company within Covelya Group. Sentinel, Solstice, Vigilant and Sentry products transferred into Wavefront

Wavefront launches next generation Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar with advanced Simultaneous In-band Active and Passive Sonar (SInAPS®) capability

Wavefront Solstice MAS 4000 delivers SAS-like imagery in trials in Plymouth Sound.

Voyis / Wavefront Recon module launched featuring Solstice MAS 3000 and and high-resolution optical sensors (lasers and cameras)

Wavefront Solstice MAS integrated with Eelume-S All-Terrain AUV

Vigilant V600 exceeds expectations in sea trials ahead of first deliveries in 2024

Sentinel IDS May ’24 release includes new Active Passive Track Correlation (APTC) with onscreen marker for more rapid threat evaluation

Our Group Companies

Covelya Group

We’re part of Covelya Group, a family of companies which operates in a wide range of sectors within the offshore energy, ocean science, maritime security, shipping and water monitoring. Together we develop, manufacture, sell and support instruments, systems and solutions worldwide.

Companies within the group support the exploration of the world’s oceans and waters. Our combined innovative products, technologies and solutions are used in a vast array of scenarios which continue to grow as the world awakens to the resources available from its waters.

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