Our Technology

Sentinel IDS

Intruder Detection Sonar

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Vigilant FLS

Forward Looking Sonar

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Solstice MAS

Multi-Aperture Side-Scan Sonar

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Sentry IMS

Integrity Monitoring Sonar

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World Leading Sonar Specialists

Our Vision

Making the underwater world visible

We apply engineering excellence to the problems of underwater detection and navigation. Our operationally proven world-leading sonar systems are reliable, easy to use and designed to provide real-world solutions.

Our Vision is to make the underwater world visible to our customers.


Our MissIon

To make your underwater world safe and secure

Wavefront was founded with a mission to develop imaging sonar systems for maritime security, defence and civilian markets. Established since 2004, we work with our customers to ensure the unseen ocean environment is revealed. We provide protection for critical infrastructure, we prevent collisions, we provide imaging and we monitor the integrity of undersea assets.

Our systems are deployed globally in civilian, public, defence, offshore and commercial markets.

In the underwater domain – we protect, we monitor, we explore.

We don’t just create world-leading technology

We solve real-world problems

If you have maritime assets to protect, travel in unchartered waters, need underwater images or have a need to monitor the integrity of undersea assets contact us.