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Vigilant FLS – Forward Looking Sonar

Vigilant’s forward looking sonar family provides unrivalled obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities. For all types of survey situations, including AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), XLUUV (Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicles), scout support vehicles and survey support vehicles. With up to 1500m of forward looking ability, vessels can confidently travel through unchartered or dynamic marine environments and manage the presence of FADs (Fish Aggregation Devices).

Solstice MAS – Multi Aperture Side-Scan Sonar

The Solstice side-scan sonar family provides world-class underwater mapping solutions to your offshore protection. Significantly increasing the operational envelope of your underwater vehicle by providing 200m wide swath coverage at high resolution – all whilst consuming very little power. It is ideal for hydrographic, archaeological, search, salvage, unexploded ordnance and mine countermeasure missions.


Sentry IMS – Integrity Monitoring Sonar

Sentry provides integrity monitoring for hydrocarbon leak and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) around your subsea oil and gas assets. Sentry can monitor over one billion cubic feet of seawater, with 360° of coverage from a single sonar sensor location. With sensitivity to small leaks at ranges over 500m, it is suitable for ROV deployment and recovery. It is used for environmental surveys, pipeline and spool piece monitoring and leak detection.


Navigate with confidence

How do you ensure your research or survey vessel can safely navigate the marine environment? What’s the best way to avoid hidden obstacles ahead, which interrupt your surveys or increase potential grounding risks? Charts can only provide you with so much information.

The Vigilant family delivers the best Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) capability on the market with a range of up to 1500m and depth of up to 100m. Give your crew time to react with the highest resolution 3D imagery available, providing unrivalled mapping of the water column and sea bed. Use automated alerts to highlight hidden threats. Vigilant is a proven, world-leading sonar system that is reliable and easy to use. With an operational speed of up to 25 knots, you’ll have the confidence to navigate safely wherever your chosen passage takes you.

Make your survey missions count

Survey missions are costly and time-consuming operations for companies working offshore. But vitally important. Maximising the efficiency of your exploration is essential before you set out.

Solstice’s small and compact arrays are optimised for low-logistical AUVs and towed bodies, with wide survey swaths, to ensure that each pass is as efficient as possible.

The Solstice arrays consume only 18W of power, making the most of the AUVs endurance capability or the towed body’s power capacity and payload limits. Delivering a 200m wide swath ensures high coverage rates, increasing your site characterisation efficiency without compromising on details.


Eliminate image distortion and noise interference

When you conduct surveys in difficult marine environments you need clear images and background noise to be kept to a minimum.

Unlike most conventional side-scan sonars, Solstice delivers multiple apertures to improve the signal-to-noise ratio performance. With a unique back-projection beam-forming technique, developed by Wavefront Systems, it focuses on every single pixel in the image.

Solstice also uses knowledge of the platform motion to eliminate effects of roll, pitch and yaw to produce undistorted imagery with 100% ground coverage. In addition to the main array, Solstice has an interferometric sub-array which is used to deliver bathymetric data co-registered with the side-scan imagery.

Designed to produce high contrast imagery, even in shallow and littoral waters, Solstice eliminates noise from multi-path reverberation, enhancing contrast in the imagery you see.

Gain an early warning of integrity breaches

It’s not always easy to pinpoint when and where small hydrocarbon leaks have started. Early detection is vital to save expensive problems further down the line.

Sentry is an active sonar that projects a short duration high-bandwidth pulse into the water. It listens for echoes from any objects such as structures, ROVs or hydrocarbon leaks. The position is automatically displayed and transmitted to your remote monitoring station. Your fully automatic system will raise the alarm if any hydrocarbon leak is detected.

Sentry can detect leaks of monophase gas, down to 0.1 litres per minute (the equivalent of 1 barrel of oil per day) or monophase oil to 1 litre per minute (equivalent to 10 barrels of oil per day).

Use Sentry to automatically monitor small amounts of hydrocarbon leaks and send you the position so you can react straight away.

Sentry Leak Detection

Monitor the integrity of large area subsea assets

Subsea oil and gas assets, CCS (carbon capture and storage) and hydrogen infrastructures cover large areas. They are at risk of potentially damaging and expensive hydrocarbon leaks and integrity breaches. How do you monitor these assets to have early warning of any issues?

Solstice provides you with the perfect solution. Our compact, high-performance Solstice side-scan sonar contains powerful Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) algorithms for inspection of greater lengths of subsea assets, such as trunk pipelines. They can be integrated into an AUV to detect any containment losses of oil or gas.

Containment failure at an offshore carbon capture and storage site, whilst viewed as highly unlikely, is of significant concern to regulatory bodies, operators and environmental groups. Using our Sentry sonar, combined with Sonardyne’s chemical sensing lander, you’ll receive sensitive and reliable automated leak detection across vast areas.

Why Should You Choose Our Sonar Solutions?

Vigilant FLS – Forward Looking Sonar
  • Vigilant transforms your underwater situational awareness with its unique range of up to 1500m capability
  • Highly detailed 3D Sonar images allow for safe navigation of the seabed and collision avoidance
  • Long-range hazard detection using Vigilant’s smart software clearly indicates potential problems. By overlaying onto your charts, your crew have the best information at their fingertips
  • The compact design fits easily within the vessel with multiple mounting options tailored to your individual craft
Solstice MAS – Multi-aperture Side-Scan Sonar
  • Solstice has been designed to produce high-contrast imagery, even in shallow, littoral waters. Eliminating noise from multi-path reverberation enhances the contrast of the imagery
  • It employs unique array technology, allowing wide swath coverage generally associated with wide vertical beamwidth
  • Solstice provides the shadow contrast associated with very narrow vertical beams
  • Solstice’s 300 m-rated, 682 mm long, 2.11 kg arrays have 32 multibeam elements. This configuration ensures that your AUV or towed body can gather more data with higher image fidelity
Sentry IMS – Integrity Monitoring Sonar
  • Sentry automatically warns of integrity breaches around subsea oil and gas assets with 1 billion cubic feet of seawater monitoring capability
  • Delivering 360° of coverage
  • Either mounted on an integrated landed or standalone battery operated for remote operation, Sentry provides a solution for hydrocarbon integrity monitoring

We’re ready to help you find your sonar solution.