Eelume-S features Solstice MAS

by | Apr 25, 2024 | Solstice

Wavefront Solstice MAS integrated with Eelume-S All-Terrain AUV

Eelume AS, a pioneer in underwater technology, has proudly announced the launch of Eelume-S, an innovative All-Terrain Autonomous Underwater Vehicle set to revolutionize underwater exploration.

Wavefront is excited to be a part of this launch with the integration of Solstice Multi-Aperture Sonar (MAS). Delivering dependable, high-quality imagery and 3D bathymetry, Solstice blends the high imaging per­for­mance of Synthetic Aper­ture Sonar (SAS) with the reli­ability and robustness of conven­tional side-scans.

The integration of Solstice guarantees near SAS quality imagery without the potential processing fragility and associated image quality degradation that can be present with SAS systems when deployed on low logistic AUVs in littoral environments. Solstice MAS advanced motion compensation guarantees full coverage mission data in one pass for efficient and effective mission planning. It is the dependable, high-quality imaging sensor alternative to SAS on smaller AUVs.

Learn more about this exciting development by visiting the Eelume website

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