Sentinel Intruder Detection Upgrade Case Study

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Looking back to 2012

We supplied Sentinel, our world-leading intruder detection system to a European Naval Division ten years ago. At that time, their brief required them to purchase a proven sonar solution capable of protecting their naval vessels from any type of underwater threat.

They came to Wavefront as they were aware of our reputation for engineering excellence and the best products in the sonar marketplace. We’ve been developing operationally proven, world-leading sonar systems since 2004 and continue to push the boundaries of engineering in the design, manufacture and support of all our sonar products.

As defence clients, they required a top-level intruder detection system with multiple capabilities. It needed to be provided with full support from the initial site survey and subsequent purchasing, through to the installation and training stages. We go even further as our support doesn’t end there. We work with our clients for the entire life of their chosen sonar system to provide regular updates and service visits.


The Solution was Sentinel

Once the brief was agreed, it was clear Sentinel was the obvious choice. It is the most widely deployed intruder detection sonar globally and entirely trusted by all our defence customers.


Fast forward 10 years…

Last month, we arranged a service visit to our European Naval clients at their base. They had successfully worked with their Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar System for over 10 years and were keen to continue. This particular system was now due to be upgraded, along with a service by our engineering team.

Visiting the base to carry out this work also provided a good chance to run a specialised system training session for onsite personnel. The aim was to ensure they were fully benefitting from Sentinel’s key features. We also planned to conduct system testing dive runs.


Upgrade Conducted

The Sentinel IDS was removed to allow our engineers to work on it before heading back to the base for fitting, testing and training. Several additions were made to the system, above and beyond the steps originally quoted. There was no charge for any of this additional work. Our aim is always to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Work carried out included an upgrade of the security dongle, processor, power supply and all internal system cables. The sonar head CPU motherboard was also replaced, enabling it to run the latest software.

This Sentinel product is now equipped with the latest technology and software that our clients expect and need. We know exactly what our customers require, and we always deliver.


Upgrade Training and Support

To highlight the key features of Sentinel and how they can be used, training was conducted for navy personnel, to ensure they knew exactly how to set up Sentinel’s equipment and provide a deeper understanding of its use.

As part of the upgrade service, we always conduct dive trials. These took place at their quayside. The upgraded Sentinel system was reinstalled onsite, for the client’s convenience.

On start-up of the sentinel system, it was apparent there was an issue. This had not been seen in the classroom sessions or in the pre-delivery testing during the upgrade, highlighting the importance of this extra level of client support; dive trials.


Issues Found

After investigation, the issue was identified as the original subsea cable. Since the initial sale, IDS technology has moved on. Far more in-water testing has been conducted on Sentinel. It is now recommended that a slightly different cable is used to maintain the required connection speed.

Dive trials were continued with the original subsea cable. Despite the cable issue, the divers were tracked at the expected range on every dive run, proving the system was operating as expected.

While the dive trials took place, replacement subsea cables were sourced and fitted which allowed the system to be tested to its full potential.


Upgrade conclusions and recommendations

The visit and upgrade were deemed a success. Naval personnel provided feedback to say they found the training informative and now understood Sentinel’s full capabilities.

By conducting the dive trials, the clients are able to confirm that Sentinel is operating at its full capability. The engineer’s recommendations ensured outstanding issues were resolved.

This European naval client has chosen to continue our partnership for the foreseeable future. Expectations for a technologically advanced intruder detection system have been fulfilled. Sentinel continues to do the job required of it, and more. Wavefront has delivered the full ongoing support and specialised training essential for any client of this calibre.

And this is why Wavefront continues to go from strength to strength, leading the way with our world-class sonar solutions.


Find out more information about Sentinel, Wavefront’s best selling, high performing intruder detection system.


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