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Remotely operated or autonomous surface vessels can transform their underwater situational information with Vigilant Forward Looking Sonar (FLS). The provision of real-time navigational and obstacle avoidance data to on-board or remote-control systems allows for safer operations in unfamiliar or dynamic environments by dramatically reducing the risk of collisions or grounding.

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Vigilant at a glance

  • Navigate with confidence; reduces the risk of underwater collisions and groundings
  • Industry leading range of 1500m hazard detection gives you time to change course
  • Perfect for vessels of all sizes; commercial, military, cruise, exploration and private
  • Compact design with mounting options to suit both new-build or retrofit
  • Compatible with your existing bridge systems
Vigilant Screen
Vigilant 1500

Sonar Mode Range/ Field of View: 1500 x 120°

3D Mode Range: 600m x 120°

Operational Speed: 25kts

Bottom Mapping Range: 20x Water Depth

Maximum Depth Detection: 100m

Vigilant 1500 FLS

Vigilant 1000

Sonar Mode Range/ Field of View: 1000m x 120°

3D Mode Range: 600m x 120°

Operational Speed: 25kts

Bottom Mapping Range: 12x Water Depth

Maximum Depth Detection: 100m

Vigilant 1000 FLS

Vigilant 600 FLS

Sonar Mode Range/ Field of View: 600m x 120°

3D Mode Range: 600m x 120°

Operational Speed: 25kts

Bottom Mapping Range: 20 x Water Depth

Maximum Depth Detection: 100m

Vigilant 600 FLS

Benefits of Vigilant for your operations


Unrivalled resolution and detail that’s compatible with your existing bridge system, with the added benefit can be retrofitted to any vessel.


Unique patented technology capable of depth finding at ranges ahead of your vessel in excess of 20 times the prevailing water depth.


Real-time data on poorly charted seabed features and water column obstacles enables ASV reactive navigational autonomy.

Vigilant FLS Overview

Vigilant provides real-time 3D images of the seabed and water column ahead. It maintains a history of the entire seabed environment around the vessel. Vigilant will also provide automated warnings to the platform control software to prevent collisions. Hazards are no longer hidden.

Vigilant is our family of long-range, forward looking sonars (FLS). They are compact navigation and obstacle avoidance sonars providing automated alarms warning of objects in the water column out to 1.5 km. They create – with unrivalled resolution and detail – a real-time, easy to interpret 3D terrain map of the seabed and water column ahead, out to 600 m, and down to 100 m water depth.

The Vigilant 1000 and 1500 models consist of a separate sonar projector and receiver array mounted in the vessel bow, either in the bulb, alongside in a tube or on a retractable deployment pole. Vigilant 600 features a combined projector/receiver design for applications where space is limited. In addition, we provide both processing software and hardware and optional bridge display and control hardware.

Seaborne collision avoidance is vital for autonomous ships and an ever-increasing number of uncrewed surface vessels in the offshore energy, commercial marine and naval market sectors. Vigilant can be easily integrated into these autonomous platforms. It will provide essential information to autopilots and command and control systems to aid safe navigation and manoeuvres around hazardous obstacles.

Vigilant has two principal operating modes: 3D and SONAR mode, both of which offer a class leading 120 degrees field of view on all range scales. Vigilant’s unique patented technology allows our 3D mode to provide stunning 3D depth imagery further ahead of the platform than any competing system, at ranges in excess of 20 times the prevailing water depth up to a maximum 600 m range and down to 100 m depth. Sonar mode processes the intensity of the acoustic data to extract long-range positional data of objects up to ranges of 1500 m. Data from both modes are used to automatically generate alerts for the operator or supervising system to warn of the presence of a navigationally relevant obstacle. With its history mapping capability, a comprehensive picture of the underwater environment surrounding the vessel is built up. This provides crews and autonomous systems with maximum situational awareness for collision or ground avoidance, tight manoeuvres or backing out of confined areas.

The Vigilant FLS family are designed to be retrofitted to existing vessels and new builds. Comprehensive engineering support and advice is available from Wavefront to support installation and commissioning.

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Why invest in Vigilant FLS?


  • Real-time determination of seabed terrain and under water hazards
  • Historical image display provides comprehensive situational awareness of the subsea environment
  • Easy to configure and operate; no need for sonar experience
  • Overlay charts provide clear context


  • Industry leading field of view 120°
  • Range 600 m in 2D/3D depth modes and 1500 m in sonar mode
  • Optimised operating frequency 70 kHz
  • Operational speed up to 25 knots
  • Class leading bottom mapping range of 20 x water depth
  • Maximum depth detection down to 100 m


  • Receiver size - V1000 & V1500 (H x W x L): 110 x 310 x 401 mm
  • Projector size - V1500 (H x W x L): 578 x 118 x 125 mm
  • Intuitive user software with touch screen interface
  • Seamless switching between Sonar and 2D/3D depth modes, and variable display ranges
  • User defined settings for warnings and automated alarm parameters
  • Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) overlay (chart licence and permits not included)
  • Full Control and Data interface to enable integration with bridge systems


  • What’s in the box: Projector and Receiver sonar arrays, cable assemblies, power and distribution cabinet, rack mounted marine computer, software
  • Warranty: 1 year return to Wavefront service centre
  • ITAR Controlled: No UK Export
  • UK Export License: Not required

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  • Vigilant Ice Keel Detection Capability
  • Assessment of Vigilant Environmental Impact
  • Vigilant FLS Whale Detection Analysis
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